Edition Filmmuseum 99
The 2-disc DVD presents the two most beautiful films shot in Germany by Max Ophuls in restored versions. Additionally the DVD set features Martina Muller's highly praised documentary Max Ophuls - Den schonen guten Waren.

The movie, made in 1932 and set in Vienna, 1910, focuses on a touching love affair between a shy singer (Magda Schneider) and a vulnerable young officer (Wolfgang Liebeneiner) whose feelings surface most sensitively despite all his strict military training. Before they met, he was involved with a married baroness. He breaks with his mistress - but although the liaison is over, her husband challenges the young officer to a duel, threatening to end the idyllic romance of Fritz and Christine before it can truly begin.

Max Ophuls' Lola Montes is a beautiful yet tragic film. It tells the story of a famous courtesan who ends up selling kisses in a giant American circus after having shared the beds of some of Europe's wealthiest and most respected men. Amongst them were Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, German composer Richard Wagner and Ludwig I, King of Bavaria.

The film critic Andrew Sarris once declared Lola Montes “the greatest film ever made.”
It has the distinction of being Ophuls' last film, his first in color, and his first in CinemaScope. His subject, the real-life Irish-born Spanish dancer, actress and courtesan Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert, known as Lola Montez, lived a rather fascinating life. Ophuls does not concern himself with the reality of Montez' life, but rather the myth of the woman.

2 x DVD9 | PAL | 01:23:45 + 01:51:28 | 7.71 Gb + 7.38 Gb
Language: Deutsch
Subtitles: English
Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance

-- Liebelei 1933, 84'
-- Max Ophuls - Den schonen guten Waren 1990, 90'

-- Lola Montez 1956, 112'
-- Lola Montez - Versionen und Fassungen 2016, 29'
-- Max Ophuls: Das Lied der Lola Montez 1955, 3' (audio)
-- Max Ophuls: Gedanken uber Film - Eine Improvisation 1956, 62' (audio)