El esqueleto de la senora Morales 1960
Taxidermist Dr. Pablo Morales (Arturo de Córdova) is making the best of a domestic hell. His frigid, church obsessed wife Gloria (Amparo Rivelles) is revolted by his profession, won't sleep with him and tells her neighbors and the local priest that he drinks to excess and mistreats her. Gloria also falsely accuses Pablo of sleeping with the maid Meche (Rosenda Monteros of The Magnificent Seven). Pablo tries to reason with the spiteful woman but decides that enough is enough when Gloria bruises herself and claims that he has beaten her. What's needed is a perfect crime, and Pablo has the perfect tools in his taxidermy shop -- where he also prepares skeletons for medical purposes.

Written by Luis Alcoriza — who collaborated with Buñuel on several of his Mexican masterpieces, including Él and The Exterminating Angel — González's film ruthlessly excoriates the hypocrisies of both the church and its followers, and with a similarly acerbic wit and caustic humor as one would expect from Buñuel.

Director: Rogelio A. González
Cast: Arturo de Córdova, Amparo Rivelles, Elda Peralta
Country: Mexico
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Horror

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Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English