Father's Day 2011
The story is set in Tromaville where a deranged lunatic named Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock) is running around raping and killing fathers, occasionally eating their genitals as well. When a teenage male prostitute named Twink (Conor Sweeney) finds out that his own father (Billy Sadoo) has been added to the list of Fuchman’s victims, he sets out for revenge. He knows he won’t be able to go this alone, however, so he teams up with a Roman Catholic priest named Father Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy) to convince a one eyed man named Ahab (Adam Brooks), the toughest of the tough in Tromaville, to join their cause.

It takes some convincing but soon enough, Twink and Sullivan have talked Ahab into helping them out and added Ahab’s sister, a stripped named Chelsea (Amy Groening), to their ranks. As they work together to scour the streets in order to find the killer, they realize that this won’t be as easy as they had hoped…

This is not a movie for the squeamish. There's multiple scenes of male rape, tons of male nudity (some of it comical, though there's also plenty of female nudity to go with it), graphic gore and even genital mutilation. In spite of all that, this is actually a comedy that serves as both a homage and a satire of exploitation films.

Director: Astron-6
Cast: Conor Sweeney, Adam Brooks, Matt Kennedy, Brent Neale, Amy Groening, Meredith Sweeney, Kevin Anderson, Garret Hnatiuk, Mackenzie Murdoch, Lloyd Kaufman
Country: Canada, USA

BD25 + DVD5 + DVD9 + CD | 1080p, NTSC, mp3 | 01:38:45 | 31.4 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror


DISC ONE (Blu-ray):
** The Film
Theatrical Trailer (HD, 2:28)

** The Film
• Introduction (3:36)
• Theatrical Trailer (2:28)
• 2 Deleted Scenes:
--- Artie and Mary (0:47)
--- The Kiss (0:49)

• Lloyd Kaufman Introduction at Comic-Con (plays before the menu) (1:45)
• 2 Deleted Scenes:
--- Artie and Mary (0:47)
--- The Kiss (0:49)
• "Original Father's Day Foreskin" featurette (1:08)
• "Original Father's Day Extended Foreskin" featurette (3:44)
• "Animated Foreskin" featurette (0:42)
• "TV Foreskin" featurette (0:30)
• Behind the Scenes Slideshow (4:30)
• "Make Your Own Damn Fuchman" featurette (4:42)
• "Make Your Own Damn Tire Iron" featurette (1:40)
• "Roll Out the Blood Carpet: Father's Day Premiere Nights" featurette (16:14)
• "Troma & Astron-6 Charm Festival of Fear" Q&A (4:48)
• "Create Your Own Damn Award Winning Movie Poster The Dude Designs Way" featurette (3:25)
• "Super Tromette Elena Recreates the Low Life" featurette (1:16)
• "Father's Day Article at Rue Morgue Magazine" article (2:25)
• Babies the Fathers Gave Birth to Before Birthing Father's Day:
--- Lazer Ghosts (9:19)
--- Cool Guys" (28:42)
• "Patricide Honor Roll" bonus trailers
• "Make Your Own Damn Green Screen! (A Lesson by Lloyd Kaufman)" featurette (16:01)
• "How the Director Sells His Own Damn Movie" featurette (5:12)
• "Radiation March" promo (0:54)
• Interview with South Park's Matt Stone (25:52)

• CD Sampler of songs from the film's soundtrack.

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