Heart of a Dog / Sobache serdtse / Собачье сердце (1988) DVD9
The film is set in Moscow not long after the October Revolution where a complaining stray dog looks for food and shelter. A well-off well-known surgeon Phillip Phillippovich Preobrazhensky happens to need a dog and lures the animal to his big home annex practice with a piece of sausage. The dog is named Sharik and well taken care of by the doctor's maids, but still wonders why he's there. He finds out too late he's needed as a test animal: the doctor implants a pituitary gland and testicles of a recently deceased alcoholic and petty criminal Klim Chugunkin into Sharik. Sharik proceeds to become more and more human during the next days. After his transition to human is complete, it turns out that he inherited all the negative traits of the donor - bad manners, aggressiveness, use of profanity, heavy drinking - but still hates cats. Eventually he turns the life in the professor's house into a nightmare...

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 02:10:21 | 7.75 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English, Russian
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

Director: Vladimir Bortko
Cast: Evgeniy Evstigneev, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Boris Plotnikov, Roman Kartsev, Nina Ruslanova
Country: Soviet Union

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