Il dolce corpo di Deborah 1968Romolo Guerrieri directs a story of love, sex and revenge, and it begins in Geneva.
They're rich, good looking and in love. American heiress Deborah (Carroll Baker) and her Italian husband Marcel (Jean Sorel) are on honeymoon in Geneva. At a restaurant Marcel happens to see an old friend, Philip (Luigi Pistilli) who proves strangely hostile. He informs Marcel that Suzanne is dead. Who is that? It happens Suzanne (Evelyn Stewart, a.k.a. Ida Galli) was Marcel's first love who took her own life shortly after her debt-ridden boyfriend left to seek his fortune in America. Stricken with guilt, Marcel brings Deborah along to visit Suzanne's palatial mansion which he finds abandoned. However, a suspiciously burning cigarette and the sound of someone playing the piano convince Marcel someone is lurking about. Then the telephone rings. When Deborah answers a voice tells her she must die for Marcel's crime!
The Sweet Body of Deborah is broadly credited as the film that ushered in a new era of sexual frankness to Italian cinema, where a Catholic rigidity held sway for much of the 1960s.

BD25 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, PAL | 01:36:03 | 22.3 Gb + 5.49 Gb
Language: Italiano, Deutsch
Subtitles: English, Deutsch
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Director: Romolo Guerrieri
Cast: Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel, Ida Galli, Luigi Pistilli
Country: Italy, France

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