James A. FitzPatrick Traveltalks Shorts, Volume 1 (1934-1944) 3 x DVD9
The name James A. Fitzpatrick might be meaningless to all film scholars today but decades ago his popular travelogues provided movie-goers valuable glimpses of exotic sights around the globe. Fitzpatrick broke into the movie business in the silent era and occasionally produced feature films but he's primarily known for his hundreds of travel shorts that were screened in movie theaters prior to the main feature. In the era before television, Fitzpatrick's productions represented a rare opportunity for the general public to see actual footage of historic places and different cultures. Best of all, Fitzpatrick had the foresight to film these excursions in Technicolor, a process that ensured that the film stock never faded. Thus, the shorts look as impressive today as they did decades ago. It should be noted that some of these shorts were filmed by cinematographers who would become legendary including Winton C. Hoch and Jack Cardiff. The Warner Archive has released thirty of Fitzpatrick's "Traveltalks" shorts as a three DVD set. Fitzpatrick himself provided the narration for each film, immodestly billing himself as "The Voice of the Globe".

3 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 02:47:08 + 02:53:55 + 03:00:12 | 22.8 Gb
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Genre: Documentary

Disc 1
1934 Switzerland, The Beautiful
1934 Ireland: The Emerald Isle
1934 Zeeland: The Hidden Paradise
1934 Rainbow Canyon
1935 Colorful Guatemala
1935 Los Angeles: Wonder City Of The West
1935 Beautiful Banff And Lake Louise
1935 Modern Tokyo
1936 Sacred City Of The Mayan Indians
1936 Rio de Janeiro: City Of Splendor
1936 Yellowstone Park: Nature's Playground
1936 Oriental Paradise
1937 Glimpses Of Java And Ceylon
1937 Hong Kong: Hub Of The Orient
1937 Floral Japan
1937 Stockholm: Pride Of Sweeden
1938 Chile: Land Of Charm
1938 Copenhagen
1938 Land Of The Incas
1938 Glimpses Of Austria

Disc 2
1938 Czechoslovakia On Parade
1938 Paris On Parade
1938 Jaipur: The Pink City
1938 Singapore And Jahore
1938 Java Journey
1939 Rural Hungary
1939 Colorful Curacao
1939 Quaint St. Augustine
1940 Land Of Alaska Nellie
1940 Seattle: Gateway To The Northwest
1940 Sitka And Juneau
1938 Glimpses Of Australia
1940 Cavalcade Of San Francisco
1940 Old New Mexico
1940 Beautiful Bali
1941 Mediterranean Ports Of Call
1940 Red Men On Parade
1940 Alluring Alaska
1940 Glimpses Of Kentucky
1940 Haiti: Land Of Dark Majesty

Disc 3
1941 Glimpses Of Florida
1941 Scenic Grandeur
1942 Minnesota: Land Of Plenty
1942 Glacier Park And Waterton Lakes
1942 Exotic Mexico
1942 Modern Mexico City
1942 Land Of Orizaba
1943 Motoring In Mexico
1943 On The Road To Monterrey
1943 Scenic Oregon
1943 Through The Colorado Rockies
1943 A Day In Death Valley
1943 Salt Lake Diversions
1944 Along The Cactus Trail
1944 Colorful Colorado
1944 City Of Brigham Young
1944 Monumental Utah
1944 Shrines Of Yucatan
1945 Merida And Campeche
1944 Glimpse Of Guatemala

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