Jorn Donner Collection Volume 1
69 - Sixtynine (1969)
Tuula's husband Jukka takes care of all domestic chores. Tuula seems to have no idea that her husband spends his evenings working as a major league ice hockey referee. She also finds out about his extra-marital affair with a female rally driver. In revenge, Tuula starts seeing her gynecologist Timo Paasi, a married man with six children.

Anna (1970)
Anna is a movie about a workaholic single mother, spending summer with her daughter and a maid in Finnish archipelago. Sharing an island with her neighbours, a boozing ex-politician and his womanizing son.
This film, if not inspired by Bergman, is in the very least Bergmanesque.

Men Can't Be Raped (1978)
This film follows a rape victim as she gathers the courage to exact a fairly creative revenge. In revenge she stalks a man until she has him in a sexually humiliating position.

Director: Jorn Donner
Country: Finland, Sweden
Genre: Drama

3 x DVD5 | PAL | 01:32:56 + 01:18:15 + 01:34:24 | 4.12 Gb + 4.02 Gb + 4.16 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Suomi, Svenska
Subtitles: English, Svenska, Suomi

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