Jorn Donner Collection Volume 2
Black on White (1968)
Juha is a sales manager of a refrigerator company. His perfect-looking family and glittering array of modern kitchen appliances have just been featured in a magazine article, but in reality Juha is a womanising chauvinist more at home on the road than with his family. This side of Juha is well known to his colleagues in the company's advertising department. On one of his business trips, Juha picks up a good-looking hitch-hiker Maria, resulting in some of the most daring sex scenes seen in Finnish cinema up to that time.

Portraits of Women (1970)
Finnish porn movie producer Pertsa returns from America to his home country to continue his profession with hopelessly small budgets and incompetent casts and crews. A self-ironic satire about director Donner's scandalous fame in late 1960s Finland, notorious for a graphic long shot of his penis pointing northeast.

Fuck Off! - Images of Finland (1971)
Is a carefree, many-faceted, and brazen portrait of Finland thirty years ago. Made in a time when impoverished farmers were moving to the cities and poor Finns hired themselves out as guest workers in rich Sweden, the film was considered too "free" for the board of censors. It could only be shown in its full length twenty years later. "This film is the craziest thing we have ever made yet. But I don't regret a minute of it for I believe that no one will ever see a rounder picture of the Finns. And if the film is crazy it's the Finnish people's fault," says director Donner.

Dirty Story (1984)
In a fast-paced but unemotional tale of woe with an abrupt closure, a 60-year-old businessman faces first one crisis and then another, with no obvious escape hatch in sight. Gabriel Berggren (Erland Josephson) has rivals in the business world, given that he is an executive in a large company. At home, his marriage has hit the skids, and that does nothing to improve his attitude at work -- which distinctly deteriorates when the CEO dies while at Berggren's desk. That tragedy invites some nasty competition for the dead man's position, and all this pressure is not really made much easier when a charming young woman (Charlotta Larsson) starts working in the office. Berggren's troubles come to a head when he falls ill at the wedding party of one of his rivals -- and unless he is careful, he may be the next to join the CEO.

3 x DVD5 + DVD9 | PAL | 01:31:31 + 01:26:03 + 01:38:39 + 01:34:40 | 4.07 Gb + 7.01 Gb + 4.23 Gb + 4.17 Gb
Language: Suomi, Svenska
Subtitles: English, Svenska, Suomi
Genre: Drama, Documentary

-- Short film "Nine Ways to Approach Helsinki" a short survey of the people of Helsinki, and a history of the city from its foundation.

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