Les demons 1973
Is it possible that Ken Russell's The Devils might have inspired Jess Franco to shoot The Demons? Yes, it is, but if it was indeed the case, it hardly matters. Why? Because excluding a few very small early projects in Franco's body of work the subject matter has an entirely different function. Essentially, whatever the chosen subject matter might be Franco uses it only as the starting point for the creation of a unique ambience that would provide his film with its direction and identity.

In The Demons, we open upon the trial of a woman being tested involving pokes, prods, and water evaporation leading to her being burned at the stake where she curses Lady de Winter (Karin Field), grand inquisitor Jeffries (Cihangir Gaffari), and their right-hand man Renfield (Alberto Dalbes). Turns out the old hag has two daughters living in a convent, Kathleen (Anne Libert) and Margaret (Britt Nichols), who are charged with being witches after exploiting in sins of their own flesh. Now, the two girls must save themselves and exact revenge against those who killed their mother.

Director: Jesus Franco (as Clifford Brown)
Cast: Anne Libert, Carmen Yazalde, Doris Thomas
Country: France, Portugal
Genre: Horror

2xBD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:58:19 | 84 Gb + 3% rec
Language: French, English, German
Subtitles: English, German


*The Film - French Version (118:19, in French and German with English and German subtitles)
*The Film - German Theatrical Version (88:09, in German only)
• Audio Commentary on the French Verison by film historians Dr. Rolf Giesen, Dr. Gerd Naumann, and Matthias Kunecke (in German only)
• "Jess's Demons" 2014 inteview with director Jess Franco (16:18, in English with optional German and forced English subtitles for some remarks)
• "Exorcising Demons" 2017 interview with writer Stephen Thrower (22:51, in English with optional German subtitles)
• German Theatrical Trailer (3:17)
• German TV Trailer (2:13)
• English Theatrical Trailer (3:23)
• French Theatrical Trailer (3:36, silent)
• Outtakes (10:14)
• Textless Opening Credits Background (2:00)
• German Opening Credits (1:53)
• Still Gallery (6:26)

*The Film - Export Version (88:12, in English and German with English and German subtitles)
*The Film - 2007 Director's Cut (104:42, in German only)
• German Theatrical Trailer (2:08)
• Trailers:
- "The Diabolical Doctor Z" (1:06)
- "The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein" (3:22)
- "Count Dracula" (3:21)