Short Cuts 1993 Criterion Collection
The work of two great American artists merges in Short Cuts, a kaleidoscopic adaptation of the stories of renowned author Raymond Carver by maverick director Robert Altman. Epic in scale yet meticulously observed, the film interweaves the stories of twenty-two characters as they struggle to find solace and meaning in contemporary Los Angeles.
A panicked mother (Andie MacDowell) clutches her injured son in a comfortable suburban bedroom as the camera zooms in on a glass of milk. Somewhere in a trailer park across town, a drunken chauffeur (Tom Waits) watches a television image of milk spilling as his wife (Lily Tomlin) informs him that she struck a child with her car on the way home. An arrogant cop (Tim Robbins) pulls over a children's entertainer in clown makeup (Anne Archer) and begins an obnoxious flirtation. They'll never meet again, but as Archer wonders how her husband (Fred Ward) could keep trying for trout after finding the body of a murdered girl, Robbins snatches a dog from one of Ward's fishing buddies.
It would be possible to watch Short Cuts only to marvel at the ingenious structure created by Altman and co-screenwriter Frank Barhydt, but the film unfolds so gracefully that the structure seldom calls attention to itself. Instead, the attention falls on the characters as they fumble toward occasional revelations that focus their lives, and as they hurt each other in the process.

Director: Robert Altman
Cast: Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins, Jack Lemmon, Bruce Davison, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Robert Downey Jr.
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Drama

2 x BD50 | 1080p AVC | 03:08:11 | 89.9 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English


* The Film
• Isolated Music Track

• Deleted Scenes:
-- "Smoking"
-- "Hey, Clown"
• Alternate Take:
-- "I Threw It Away"
• Music Demos: (original demo recordings of the Doc Pomus–Mac Rebennack songs, performed by Dr. John)
-- "To Hell With Love"
-- "I Don't Know You"
-- "Full Moon"
• "Luck, Trust and Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country" (a feature-length documentary on the making of Short Cuts) (90 min)
• Marketing:
-- Introduction (3 pages)
-- Advertising Campaigns (67 pages)
-- Trailer, Teaser and TV Spots
• "To Write and Keep Kind" (a PBS documentary on the life of Raymond Carver) (57 min)
• Carver Audio Interview (conducted in 1983 for the American Audio Prose Library) (52 min)
• "Reflections on Short Cuts" (a new videotaped conversation between Robert Altman and Tim Robbins) (29 min)

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