Mae West - The Glamour Collection
The sound movies were made for Mae West, a performer credited with pulling Paramount Pictures out of almost a hundred million dollars of debt in 1933.

She was a performer and playwright famous for notorious Broadway plays like Sex, for which she served ten days in jail, and The Drag, a play about homosexuality that was allowed in New Jersey but not New York. Audiences loved West and West loved audiences, even through the movie screen. Her characters broke all the rules for conventional female behavior by being sexually aggressive and verbally suggestive; it's obvious that West and/or the women she played loved sex and wasn't ashamed of it. Women were as delighted as men because Mae was in charge. In contrast to the typical siren or vamp, she used not her body but her brains, outsmarting men rather than bewitching them.

Miss West made nine classic-era pictures at Paramount and Universal, and Uni's Glamour Collection corrals five of them, including her first supporting role and her final effort, a pairing with W. C. Fields.

2xDVD9 + DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 397 minutes | 18.3 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Espanol, Francais
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance, Western

Night After Night
Ex-boxer turned speakeasy owner Joe Anton (George Raft) wants to affect a more cultured image to impress a society girl who comes alone to his club, Miss Jerry Healey (Constance Cummings). His old flame Iris Dawn (Wynne Gibson) is murderously jealous, while another girlfriend Maudie Triplett (Mae West) is more gracious accepting. Joe invites his tutor, grade school teacher Miss Mabel Jellyman (Alison Skipworth) to help him with his manners. But Joe's main pal Leo (Roscoe Karns) can't stop a bigger problem -- another mob headed by Frankie Guard (Bradley Page) wants to take over Joe's speak.

I'm No Angel
Exotic carny dancer Tira (West) flees a possible law problem to New York, where she demos a new lion-taming act while taming society bachelor Kirk Lawrence (Kent Taylor). Kirk's friend Jack Clayton (Cary Grant) intercedes to do his friend a favor, and ends up falling for Tira himself. When they become engaged Tira's old carny cronies Big Bill Barton (Edward Arnold) and Slick Wiley (Ralf Harolde) give Clayton the idea that Tira is two-timing him. Tira takes Clayton to court on a breach of promise suit, and ends up having to defend her virtue by personally cross-examining witnesses.

Goin' To Town
OIl & cattle country saloon singer Cleo Borden (West) inherits Buck Gonzales' (Fred Kohler) ranch and its oil riches when he's killed rustling cattle (why?). She takes charge of the property and uses crude methods to woo the chief oil engineer, formal Englishman Edward Carrington (Paul Cavanagh). When Carrington leaves for Buenos Aires, Cleo follows to race Cactus, her pureblood racehorse, and causes a stir when she cleans up in wagers. Cavanagh is intrigued, but Cleo thinks he hates her, so she marries into a good name by making a deal with a dissolute gambler still in the social register. Back in the states, Cleo puts on an opera of Samson and Delilah and sings the Delilah part. Cavanagh, having been given a English title, wants her after all, but a hateful sister-in-law (Marjorie Gateson) hires a slimy Russian gigolo (Ivan Lebedeff) to put Cleo in a compromising situation.

Go West Young Man
Spoiled film star Mavis Arden (West) makes a personal appearance in Washington DC to open her new film Drifting Lady, and reconnect with prominent politician Francis X. Harrigan (Lyle Talbot). Her fed-up publicity agent Morgan (Warren William) is tasked with the job of keeping Mavis single, as specified in her Hollywood contract; he sabotages their rooftop meeting. On the way to Harrisburg Mavis' car breaks down, forcing her to stay at Mrs. Struther's boarding house and Inn. Everybody's excited, especially waitress Gladys (Isabel Jewell), to have such a glorious guest. But young Joyce Struthers (Margaret Perry) is crestfallen when Mavis sets her sights on garage mechanic and inventor Bud Norton (Randolph Scott), the most beautiful man she's ever seen. Wise Aunt Kate Barnaby (Elizabeth Patterson) advises Joyce to fight back, but how can the country girl compete with Hollywood glamour? Morgan has to use every trick he knows to break this one up, even insinuating that Bud has Joyce "in the family way."

My Little Chickadee
Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) is forced to leave town when busybody Mrs. Gideon (Margaret Hamilton) sees her consorting with the notorious Masked Bandit. On the train to her next stop, Flower Belle massacres a band of pursuing Indians single-handedly, while oddball gambler Cuthbert J. Twillie (W.C. Fields) fumbles with a slingshot. Flower Belle gets the false idea that Twillie is rich and arranges for a marriage right in the train coach, but when they get to town she studiously avoids her new husband, instead continuing to meet with the romantic Masked Bandit. Two men take an interest in the new female in town, newspaper publisher Wayne Carter (Dick Foran) and dance hall owner Jeff Badger (Joseph Calleia). Badger gets the hapless Twillie appointed as the new Sheriff in the hopes that he'll be killed, thereby leaving the path open to Flower Belle. Will Twillie ever catch Flower Belle off guard and get a kiss? Will the Masked Bandit be unmasked?

Download Mae West - The Glamour Collection: Night After Night (1932), I'm No Angel (1933), Goin' to Town (1935), Go West Young Man (1936), My Little Chickadee (1940) 3 x DVD:


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