North Square (2000) 3 x DVD9
North Square is a drama set in a criminal chambers in Leeds and centres on a group of young, irreverent barristers all determined to make their mark by using unorthodox methods and unconventional approaches to counter the dusty practices of a legal profession they want to lead into the twenty-first century. They are led by their chief clerk, the highly manipulative Peter McLeish played brilliantly by Phil Davis, who is determined to make a success of this enterprise and has no scruples about negotiating with the criminal families that rule Leeds in order to maximise business opportunities even as it poses a moral quandary for some of the lawyers.
Peter is obsessed by his work and doesn't appear to have a social life. He's struggling to make his new enterprise work and will do anything to make it succeed.

3 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 10 x ~50 min
7.24 Gb + 7.27 Gb + 7.23 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama

Creator: Peter Moffat
Cast: Philip Davis, Kevin McKidd, James Midgley, Rupert Penry-Jones, James Murray, Helen McCrory
Country: UK


Episode 1:
In the opening episode, barristers and best mates Alex Hay and Billy Guthrie are in court defending two armed robbers. Meanwhile, Billy's girlfriend and fellow barrister Rose is on the verge of going into labour but still taking on new cases, and trainee barrister Morag Black is thrown in at the deep end with a bail application for a notorious criminal.

Episode 2:
Billy is stuck at home on suspension and Rose has already returned to work just three days after giving birth. Meanwhile, Morag makes a mess of her second case and, as Billy's disciplinary hearing looms, Alex pulls out all the stops to help to clear his friend.

Episode 3:
Alex defends a famous footballer against a charge of indecent assault, and McLeish is determined to milk the case for publicity, even though the player is worried about being outed as gay. Elsewhere, Billy is stressed about his impending court appearance for assault but is offered an unexpected way out; Alex's affair with Stevie hots up; and Wendy becomes embroiled in a relationship with a senior judge.

Episode 4:
The head of Leeds' biggest crime family is hauled in on a murder charge. Rose and Billy work together on his case, but Green has other ideas about how his defence should be handled. Meanwhile, McLeish takes on a new pupil, Hussein Ali. Confident, charming and desperate to be everybody's best friend, he could put Morag out of a job.

Episode 5:
With criminal proceedings still hanging over his head, McLeish assigns Billy a trivial case - a pensioner accused of sheep-worrying - to keep his mind off things. But the attempt backfires when the prosecuting barrister turns out to be Wilson - and he has a score to settle. Meanwhile, Tom doesn't waste any time moving in on Alex's ex.

Episode 6:
Billy and Rose find themselves at loggerheads over the case of two Colombian drug runners. Billy also has other things on his mind; it looks certain that he will be taken to court for assault, and if found guilty it will be the end of his career. However, with Marlowe's job offer still on the table, there might still be a way out...

Episode 7:
Things don't look good for Billy. He has avoided a criminal record for assaulting Wilson, but at what cost? Meanwhile, Marlow is threatening to leak details of Wendy's affair with a senior judge to the press.

Episode 8:
Leeds' two gangland families, the Greens and the Flecks, are back in court. Meanwhile, outside the courtroom the battle between Morag and Hussein over the one available place in chambers is intensifying, and Alex makes up his mind to end his affair with Stevie.

Episode 9:
Rose decides it's time to challenge McLeish's authority, and everyone's loyalties are put to the test. Billy is caught between a rock and a hard place; on the one hand his allegiance to Rose, and on the other his loyalty to McLeish for settling things with Marlowe. And Hussein and Morag have one last chance to prove their mettle.

Episode 10:
McLeish's past comes back to haunt him when his son unexpectedly turns up at chambers. A smart, respectable law student, Rory doesn't seem the type to deal drugs, but he's been caught in possession and needs representation. Meanwhile, the decision is finally taken on which of the two pupils will land a permanent job in chambers.

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