Nuit de chien / Diese Nacht / This Night / Tonight (2008) DVD9 + DVD5
Ossorio, a surgeon-turned-lieutenant, returns to Santa Maria, hoping to reunite with wife Carla, and together, leave the country. It is being invaded by an enemy and there is a Cholera pandemic, and as if war and pestilence weren’t enough, a turf war has broken out between opposing ruling factions in the city – the winners will get to join the government that the invading enemy forms. It is everyone for himself, and old friendships can no longer be trusted. He arrives to find that his wife had vanished only moments earlier – there’s a cigarette still alight on the ashtray. Have the secret police taken her? Ossario’s search for Carla takes him on a night-time odyssey of the burning city, where people he meet get tortured, killed, or both, by one or the other faction...

DVD9 + DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 01:56:53 | 7.40 Gb + 4.19 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais, Deutsch
Subtitles: English, Deutsch
Genre: Drama

Director: Werner Schroeter
Cast: Pascal Greggory, Bruno Todeschini, Eric Caravaca
Country: Portugal, Germany, France

--Werner Schroeter synchronisation "Nuit de chien" (Film by Elfi Mikesch, 2009, 40 min)
--Interviews with Werner Schroeter
--Award ceremony Venice 2008
--Eine szene - alle takes (with optional director's commentary)
--Alternative end
--Picture gallery

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