Robbers' Roost 1955
Gunslingers and revenge dominates 1955's "Robbers' Roost," a steely western that inspects a methodical path to vengeance.
Jim "Tex" Wall (George Montgomery), searching for the last of the three men who raped and killed his wife, joins a gang of cattle rustlers led by Hank Hays (Richard Boone). Both Hays' outlaws and a rival gang headed by Heesman (Peter Graves), have been hired as ranch hands by "Bull" Herrick (Bruce Bennett), a cripple who owns a large cattle ranch and wants to get his large herd to market. He theorizes that the two gangs will be kept busy watching each other and neither will rustle his cattle. Helen (Sylvia Findley) has little faith in her brother's contrived plan, and hates and distrusts both groups. She begins to soften toward Jim, but abruptly changes when she sees a reward poster which says he has killed two men...

BD25 | 1080p AVC | 01:23:32 | 17.8 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Western

Director: Sidney Salkow
Cast: George Montgomery, Richard Boone, Sylvia Findley
Country: USA

• Trailers for "The Gunfight in Dodge City" (2:15), "Man With the Gun" (2:24) and "Man of the West" (3:01)

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