Storm Over Asia / The Heir to Genghis Khan / Potomok Chingis-Khana / Потомок Чингис-хана (1928) DVD9 + DVD5 RUSCICO
The last part in a trilogy of revolutionary films by Vsevolod Pudovkin, alongside Mother (1926) and The End of St. Petersburg (1927). Is a revolutionary melodrama., described by critics as an "epic poem" and one of the most perfect examples of the formal beauty of silent film.

The Mongol residents of the arid steppe can trace lineage back to the ancient warriors who once swept through eastern and central Russia. But by 1918, when the story begins, they are reduced to near poverty, trading modest fur harvest with exploitative western buyers. British troops occupy the region to protect these foreign interests during the upheavals of the civil war which followed the Russian Revolution. One Mongol lad, the na?ve son of a nomadic hunter, happens to possess and ancient talisman lost by a priest. It identifies the bearer as a direct descendant of Genghis Khan, and when the occupiers discover this, they make him a puppet ruler. Gradually, this young man metamorphoses into an anti-Colonial revolutionary. In the film's breathtaking climax, the lad rises up against his exploiters and leads a "storm of revolution" that seems literally to sweep the occupiers from the landscape.

Film made in Hyperkino format with interactive academic commentaries.

DVD9 + DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:43:27 | 7.01 Gb + 3.49 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Russian intertitles
Subtitles: English, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, Deutsch, Portugues
Genre: Drama, History, War, Silent

Director: Vsevolod Pudovkin
Cast: Valery Inkijinoff, I. Dedintsev, Aleksandr Chistyakov, Viktor Tsoppi, F. Ivanov
Country: Soviet Union

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