The Automatic Hate 2015
An old, buried family secret is at the center of "The Automatic Hate".
Late one evening, Davis Green (Joseph Cross) is confronted by a woman, Alexis (Adelaide Clemens), who claims to be his cousin. Thinking his father Ronald (Richard Schiff) was an only child, he asks his grandfather, who almost has a heart attack when Davis brings it up. But Alexis was telling the truth, and Davis travels to meet his estranged uncle Josh (Ricky Jay) and his other cousins. He and Alexis attempt to find out why the brothers stopped speaking years ago, and discover far more than they bargained for, as they also confront their growing attraction to one another.

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:37:45 | 6.57 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Justin Lerner
Cast: Joseph Cross, Adelaide Clemens, Deborah Ann Woll
Country: USA

"Patriot": Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English town, the life of eleven year old Hannah changes forever when she meets a boy from a mysterious and forbidden world.

-- Audio Commentary by director Justin Lerner and actor Joseph Cross
-- Deleted Scenes (12:30)
-- Trailers
-- Bonus Short Film "Patriot" (14:59). Directed by Eva Riley

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