Claudette Colbert Collection
"The Claudette Colbert Collection" celebrates the career of one of the most popular and versatile actresses of all time. Equally charming in screwball comedies ("It Happened One Night"), epics ("Cleopatra") and dramas ("Imitation of Life"), Claudette's striking beauty and captivating talent dazzled audiences around the world. This stunning collection of 6 rare films includes "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife", "The Egg and I", "I Met Him in Paris", "Maid of Salem", "No Time for Love" and "Three-Cornered Moon". Co-starring Hollywood favorites Fred MacMurray and Gary Cooper, "The Claudette Colbert Collection" is a much-needed spotlight on one of Hollywood's true cinematic greats.

3 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 530 minutes | 7.75 Gb + 7.55 Gb + 7.64 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Espanol, Francais
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama


"Three-Cornered Moon" (1933): Laughter is the best medicine in tough times, and that is certainly the case for Elizabeth (Claudette Colbert) and her three brothers who are forced to find work after their eccentric family's fortune is lost.

"Maid of Salem" (1937): Inspired by the true-life Salem "witch trials", an independent young woman (Claudette Colbert) is accused of casting evil spells by the Puritan townsfolk during one of the most notorious periods in American history.


"I Met Him in Paris" (1937): All is fair in love and fashion as a successful designer (Claudette Colbert) must choose between three suitors: a creative playwright (Melvyn Douglas), a dashing playboy (Robert Young) and a hometown boy (Lee Bowman).

"Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" (1938): The daughter (Claudette Colbert) of a destitute aristocrat is determined to teach her millionaire groom (Gary Cooper) a lesson when she learns that their wedding day is not his first trip down the aisle.


"No Time for Love" (1943): A working class man (Fred MacMurray) falls for a sophisticated fashion photographer (Claudette Colbert), but the picture is not pretty when he loses his job and she hires him to be her assistant.

"The Egg and I" (1947): A new bride (Claudette Colbert) reluctantly says "I do" to her husband's (Fred MacMurray) plan to leave their life in the city and raise chickens on a dilapidated farm located miles from civilization.

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