The Fantasticks 1995The Fantasticks is one of the most successful musicals ever made in theater history with a stunning run of 17,162 performances. The musical broke records and made an important historical mark in theater.

Matt Hucklebee (Joey McIntyre) and Luisa Bellamy (Jean Louisa Kelly) are neighbors and deeply in love, despite the fact that their fathers Ben Hucklebee (Brad Sullivan) and Amos Bellamy (Joel Grey, speaking of Cabaret) are avowed enemies. Except — they're not (enemies, that is). The two fathers, experts at divining the roiling psychologies of their progeny, have created a fake feud in order to spark a romance between their children. It's worked, perhaps unexpectedly so, but now the fathers are on the hunt for a convenient (and convincing) way to bring the whole charade to a close, so that everyone can sing and dance their way to a happily ever after. However, their plans fail and things begin to be complicated between Louise and Matt...

The film was met with poor test audience responses and indifference. The film was ultimately shelved for five years and then it received only a small theatrical run in 2000. Today, The Fantasticks (1995) has finally received a release containing both the original cut and the theatrical version.

Director: Michael Ritchie
Cast: Joel Grey, Barnard Hughes, Jean Louisa Kelly, Joey McIntyre, Teller, Arturo Gil, Tony Cox
Country: USA
Genre: Musical, Romance

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:26:53 + 01:49:46 | 33.9 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English


-- Original Cut (480p; 1:49:46). It is the director's preferred version of The Fantasticks and it was the cut of the film done prior to studio edits overseen by Francis Ford Coppola.
This cut includes approximately 25 minutes of footage removed from the theatrical version. Fans will be pleased to have this material available on this release. Unfortunately, no high-definition master exists with MGM studios for the original cut. It means that this version is presented in standard definition only.

-- Isolated Score Track

-- Audio Commentary with Director Michael Ritchie

-- Audio Commentary with Actress Jean Louisa Kelly and Broadway authority Bruce Kimmel

-- Audio Commentary with Journalist Chris Willman and Film Historian Nick Redman

-- Original Theatrical Trailer

-- MGM 90th Anniversary Trailer

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