The John Whitney Collection (1968 - 1992) DVD5
From his earliest experiments with the medium of computer graphics, John Whitney, Sr. balanced a cutting edge use of technology with a strong sense of artistic integrity. Considered by many to be the Father of Computer Animation, Whitney successfully linked musical composition with experimental film and computer imaging. Whitney remained a true pioneer in the field until his death in 1996. This volume contains five of his short works.

DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 57 minutes | 3.01 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Documentary, Experimental, Animation

In EXPERIMENTS IN MOTION GRAPHICS (1968), John Whitney explains the elaborate processes involved in programming and animating his designs. He discusses his methods of creating images that impinge upon the emotions and feelings directly, while offering an informal introduction to the abstract or kinetic film, a genre often misunderstood at the time.

In his masterpiece, ARABESQUE (1975), shimmering lines and waves of oscillating color unfold their dance to the music of Eastern rhythms through computer generated imagery. Combining the interplay of mathematical coordinates, wave frequencies, and sound cycle manipulations, Whitney produces visualizations of flowing arabesques that evolve from randomness to patterns inspired by 8th century Persian designs.

In MATRIX (1971), three geometric forms seem to move in and out of three-dimensional space through early computer animation.

PERMUTATIONS (1968) is a pulsing, ballet-like vocabulary of shapes and rhythms. Created on an early digital computer, the film features harmoniously evolving free forms and spherical dot patterns in constant graceful motion. The animation of nonrepresentational images intends to create a motion so free that the viewer is attracted by the movement rather than by the object moving.

And finally, A PERSONAL SEARCH FOR THE COMPLEMENTARITY OF MUSIC AND VISUAL ART (1992) uses the concept of complementarity to make sense of the confusion that existed between fine art and technology in the late 20th century. In this autobiographical documentary, Whitney describes current developments that foretold radical and exciting new ways viewers would soon be experiencing music and art.

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