The Marcel Perez Collection (1911-1921) DVD5
Following a 10-year career in movies in France, Marcel Perez directed and starred as the character “Robinet” in approximately 160 short comedies in Italy before coming to the US in 1915, where he made another 60 comedy shorts as the character Tweedledum or “Tweedy” for a number of independent studios in Florida, New York and New Jersey. Perez is the only silent screen comedian besides Max Linder to have had this kind of long-reaching career on both continents. More than just another slapstick comedian, Perez had a unique character and a directorial persona, which he developed throughout his career and adapted seamlessly to American slapstick filmmaking. Sadly, only a fraction of Perez’ output, which spanned 1900-1928, survives.

The DVD features new digital transfers of the films (five made in Italy and five from America), which were preserved by the Library of Congress and by EYE Filmmuseum (Netherlands), with new musical scores by Ben Model.

DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 02:04:12 | 4.33 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English intertitles
Subtitles: none
Genre: Short, Comedy, Silent

Italian films:
“Robinet's White Suit” (1911)
“Robinet in Love with a Singer” (1911)
“Mademoiselle Robinet” (1912)
“Robinet is Too Much Loved By His Wife” (1912)
“Robinet is Jealous” (1914)

American films:
“A Bathtub Elopement” (1916)
“A Busy Night” (1916)
“Camouflage” (1918)
“You're Next” (1919)
“Sweet Daddy” (1921)

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