The Navigator 1924
For The Navigator, Buster Keaton revisits one of his most beloved character types, the spoiled little rich boy.
Keaton plays Rollo, a member of the idle rich, who asks his idle rich girlfriend Betsy (Kathryn McGuire) to marry him. She turns him down. But this does not deter Rollo from going alone on a cruise to Honolulu. Since the cruise leaves in the morning and he never gets up in the morning, he has his valet drive him there at night to board. Betsy also goes there to pick up papers from her ship owner father (Frederick Broom). But he’s kidnapped by foreign agents who don’t want the ship to deliver supplies to their enemy they’re at war with. The spies cut the ship loose from anchor and it drifts to sea with the only two people on board being Betsy and Rollo. It’s absurdly funny as these two pampered members of the elite, who never had to take care of themselves before, now must in order to survive.

BD25 | 1080p AVC | 01:00:12 | 20.2 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English intertitles
Subtitles: none

Directors: Donald Crisp, Buster Keaton
Cast: Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Frederick Vroom
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance


-- Audio Commentary: Silent film historians Robert Arkus and Yair Solan team up for an insightful chat that gives a great background of the film's production.

-- Featurette (1080p, 8:50): Written by film historian Bruce Lawton, this short documentary is about the making of The Navigator and Keaton's fascination with boats as sources of comedy.

-- "Asleep in the Deep" (1080p, 3:15): A recording of the Wildfred Glenn song referenced in the film, set to footage from the film and lyrical text.

-- Gallery (1080): A self-guided gallery with sixteen publicity stills.