The Roger Lambert Anthology
There are a great many films out there which follow the pattern of two boys "discovering" their sexual "identity" as they realise their feelings for each other. One wonders how many of them will still be viewed fifty years from now! Fortunately, Lambert's films are a great deal subtler than this, and have grown in stature and importance as the decades have rolled by.

In "I Want to be Famous" Steve is a lonely boy, for whom school seems merely a waste of time and whose home life is little better. His parents, particularly his father, seem incapable of relating to him emotionally. He takes refuge from this hostile social environment by nurturing a violent fantasy world which he shares with fellow loner Stuart.

Lambert's next film, "Follow You Follow Me" (1979) is about two boys, Joseph and Peter, who are inseparable from each other, despite coming from somewhat different social backgrounds. Their fathers are on opposite sides of an industrial dispute, and the various social and peer pressures operating on them places a strain on their relationship.

In "A Seaside Story" two youths visit a seaside resort for a holiday, but are looking for very different things. One is seeking to chat up the local girls, whereas the other, more introverted, seems more interested in fossil hunting and nature.

Split (1974): A young boy with behavioral problems claims to have been possessed by an alien life-force.

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