Uncle The Complete Collection
All three series of the comic misadventures of an irresponsible out-of-work musician who forges an unlikely alliance with his neurotic 12 year old nephew. Thirty-something 'man-child' Andy (Nick Helm) staggers through life leaving chaos in his wake. So when his sister Sam uses a bit of emotional blackmail to get him to look after her son Errol, how will Andy manage to keep the youngster out of trouble while constantly being knee deep in the stuff himself? The seemingly simple task of caring for his nephew has near disastrous results, involving a faked injury, a car crash, a visit to a gay club, a lot of lying, and some hard lessons in life. But as time goes by, Errol starts to lighten up while Andy learns what it really means to be part of a family.

This boxset also includes the music video for ‘No Survivors’ and behind the scenes look at the making of the ‘No Survivors’.

3 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 02:49:24 + 02:52:59 + 03:24:09 | 20.2 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy

Director: Oliver Refson
Cast: Nick Helm, Elliot Speller-Gillott, Daisy Haggard, Sydney White
Country: UK

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