Corruption 1983
Directed by Roger Watkins (under the pseudonym of Richard Mahler), Corruption is one of those films that blends hardcore pornography with arthouse style to create something unique.

The dirty underbelly of business, sexual fantasy and the deprivation of love and sexual gratification collide in this unique offering from director Roger Watkins.

Corruption is a Faustian like tale where the protagonist sells his soul to a mysterious organization, who in return promise him power and fortune. From there things start too go awry in the protagonists personal and professional lives.

Overall Corruption is an extraordinary film that stands out as one of adult cinema’s most unique cinematic experiences.

Director: Roger Watkins (as Richard Mahler)
Cast: Jamie Gillis, Michael Gaunt, Tiffany Clark, Milton Ingley (as Michael Morrison), Samantha Fox, George Payne
Country: USA
Genre: Adult, Crime; Horror

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:18:46 | 42.3 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none


-- Bonus Feature: Hidden on the disc is the feature-length film, "Last House on Dead End Street" (HD), which is presented "as-is" due to limited elements. Vinegar Syndrome is currently on the hunt for a fresher version of the film.

-- "Through the Lens" (12:25, HD) is a conversation with cinematographer Larry Revene. While he doesn't speak too specifically about "Corruption," he does share thoughts on a few of its stars, heaping praise on the more charismatic members of the cast, along with some warm memories of director Roger Watkins, who was a fan of creative collaboration.

-- Press Book Gallery (:53) provides eight images.

-- Theatrical Trailer (3:18, HD).