The Undertaker 1988
Spinell is the titular undertaker, who has a habit of increasing his business by killing local residents. He monologues to a few of his hanging corpses a humorous motive about how America's modern health craze (remember, this was the 80s) has people living longer, "business hasn't been good lately, what with all these vitamins that people are taking, and the surgeon general's warning about smoking, those silly driving without drinking laws... I guess I'll have to drum up some business." So he's sorta out to kill health nuts. But his nephew's college professor suggests a second motive: necrophilia. The nephew senses things are very wrong at home, so he asks his professor and her roommate to break into his funeral parlor. The cops are also trying to solve the case of a local serial killer who just killed the mayor's secretary... Oh, and a security guard at the town's movie theater has figured out that the killer is copying the horror film they play at night, and goes off on his own to investigate.

BD25 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:28:48 | 23.1 Gb + 6.55 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Director: Franco Steffanino
Cast: Joe Spinell, Rebeca Yaron, Patrick Askin
Country: USA
Genre: Horror

• Introduction
• Audio Commentary by William James Kennedy moderated by Vinegar Syndrome’s Brandon Upson
• Interview with writer/co-director/actor William James Kennedy (20:45)
• Rough Cut Outtakes (9:54)
• Promotional Video (5:07)
• Still Gallery

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