Jack Frost 1997
It's Christmas time in the small town of Snomonton, and local sheriff Sam (Christopher Allport) remains greatly unnerved around this time of year, unable to shake his encounter with demented serial killer Jack Frost (Scott Mac Donald), who managed to rack up 38 kills before his capture. During a vehicle transfer on the night of his execution, Jack manages to escape custody, but during the struggle, he's blasted by acid from a nearby tanker truck, which fries him to the bone. Feeling tremendous relief that his nemesis is finally dead, Sam's guard is quickly raised back up when murders begin happening in Snowmonton, with the local cops unaccustomed to such brutality. Fearing Jack Frost is up to his old tricks, Sam offers support to FBI Agent Manners (Stephen Mendel), who's arrived in town to investigate Jack's accident, quietly guarding his findings from Sam, who imagines his worst nightmare has come true. Discovering that Jack has transformed into a homicidal snowman out to slaughter the entire town, Sam struggles with a way to stop the unexpected threat, easily overwhelmed with Jack's newfound powers of melt and surprise.

Director: Michael Cooney
Cast: Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

BD25 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:29:22 | 22.8 Gb + 6.55 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English


-- Intro (00:37) shares a brief greeting and display of pride from director Michael Cooney, who's careful to note the difference between his film and a 1998 Michael Keaton family picture, also titled "Jack Frost."

-- Audio Commentary by director Michael Cooney.

-- "Happy Scary" - Interview (16:01) with actor Scott MacDonald is a cheery discussion of the "Jack Frost" experience and his time playing an exaggerated bad guy, working to match his character's transformation into a grotesque special effect. Talk of motivation is interesting, and MacDonald shares memories of a snowbound film that couldn't find the white stuff when cameras rolled, requiring quick thinking and lots of cotton. The screen monster recalls a positive shoot despite obvious stress, and shares his rise in cult fame, finding fans of the film in the strangest places.

-- "Shooting Frost" - Interview (6:01) with cinematographer Dean Lent is a short discussion of his career history, which was forged on practice, not necessarily expertise. Lent also shares his perspective on production challenges, including the lack of snow issue, and shares a humorous memory about the first screening of "Jack Frost" for the money men, who watched the picture without tight editing and a final sound mix.

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