Her Name Was Lisa 1979
Beautiful, innocent Lisa (Samantha Fox) has been found dead of a heroin overdose. At her funeral, the people in her life gather to memorialize her, reflecting on how their own deeds sent her down a path of self-destruction and death. As each memory unfolds on screen, Lisa is seen to transform from a naive model who’s forced to use her body to achieve her goals, to a manipulative vixen capable of luring men into her web of carnal abuse, to a tragic victim of her own insecurities and victimization.

1979's "Her Name Was Lisa" is notable is some circles due to its director, Roger Watkins, who previously created the vicious "Last House on Dead End Street." This awareness of helming intensity is important to retain while watching "Her Name Was Lisa," which, unlike many adult movies, has no interest in titillation. It's anti-erotica in many ways, and while it features all manner of sexual activity, the film is surprisingly grim, striving more to be a dramatic effort than an X-rated one.

Directors: Roger Watkins (as Richard Mahler), Robert Michaels
Cast: Vanessa del Rio, Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr
Country: USA
Genre: Adult, Drama

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Language: English
Subtitles: English


-- His Name Was Roger (30:56) Interview with film historian and Ultra Violent Magazine editor Art Ettinger recalls his relationship with director Roger Watkins, feeling inspiration to meet the man who made "Last House on Dead End Street," eventually becoming friends with the helmer. Ettinger tracks his interest in the horror movies and Watkins's work, which culminated in a lengthy interview for Ultra Violent that helped the publication reach a wider audience. Ettinger spends a lot of time on "Last House on Dead End Street," but there's information provided about "Her Name Was Lisa," with Ettinger sharing Watkins's thoughts on casting and production origins (the script started with a title and worked backwards), and his achievements on other adult features, which helped to provide experience.

-- Still Gallery (0:50) includes VHS covers, ad slicks, reviews, and poster art.

-- Theatrical Trailer (4:06)