Eclipse Series 1 Early Bergman
This set brings together five pictures by legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman from before the career upswing that began with 1955's Smiles of a Summer Night. In many ways, Bergman is the quintessential art house director.

A handful of seldom-seen titles — Torment; Crisis; Port of Call; Thirst; and To Joy — by the Swedish auteur best known for films like The Seventh Seal and Fanny and Alexander show an artist developing his style. The evolution of Bergman’s angst-ridden themes, stark environs, and expressive lighting slowly emerges, beginning with Torment, which he wrote but did not direct, and culminates after five years with the sure-handed To Joy.

5 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 474 minutes | 28.5 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Svenska
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama

Torment (Hets) (1944)
In Ingmar Bergman's first produced screenplay, the dark coming-of-age drama Torment, Widgren, a boarding-school senior, is terrorized by his sadistic Latin teacher. When he falls for Bertha, a troubled local girl, he finds himself caught up even further in a web of emotional mind games.

Crisis (Kris) (1946)
Urban beauty-shop proprietress Miss Jenny arrives in an idyllic rural town one morning to whisk away her eighteen-year-old daughter, Nelly, whom she abandoned as a child, from the loving woman who had raised her. Once in Stockholm, Nelly receives a crash course in adult corruption and wrenching heartbreak.

Port of Call (Hamnstad) (1948)
Berit, a suicidal young woman living in a working-class port town, unexpectedly falls for Gvsta, a sailor on leave. Haunted by a troubled past and held in a vice grip by her domineering mother, Berit begins to hope that her relationship with Gvsta might save her from her own self-destruction.

Thirst (Torst) (1949)
A couple traveling across a war-ravaged Europe. A disintegrating marriage. A ballet dancer's scarred past. Her friend's psychological agony. Elliptically told in flashbacks, Thirst shows people enslaved to memory and united in isolation.

To Joy (Till gladje) (1949)
An orchestra violinist's dreams of becoming a celebrated soloist and fears of his own mediocrity get in the way of his marriage to the patient, caring Marta. Played out to the music of Beethoven, To Joy is a heartbreaking tale of one man's inability to overcome the demons standing in the way of his happiness.

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