Joel Schlemowitz Short Experimental Films
Experimental filmmaker Joel Schlemowitz's many talents are showcased in this compilation of 45 of his short films. Known for his quirky avant-garde style, Schlemowitz creates vibrant, visually poetic pieces that resonate on an emotional level. Using a variety of cinematic techniques, the award-winning, New York-based artist's bold films range from playful to provocative and meld the qualities of light and motion to create unique compositions.

Joel Schlemowitz is a wizard of cinema, and this collection of short experimental films is a marvel to behold. Each piece is a unique gem -- quirky, provocative, playful, often handmade, and always daring -- celebrating Joel's astonishing mastery of the tools of filmmaking, and his poetic grasp on the art of cinema.

Joel creates cinema-poems that crack open the infinite. Tracing the jeweled veins of Gustave Moreau, J.K. Huysmans, and Gerard de Nerval, his work eludes the dark shadows of night & illuminates the evening with cascading colors and flickering dreamscapes.

3 x DVD5 | NTSC | 201 minutes | 12.7 Gb + 3% rec
Language: none
Genre: Experimental, Short

Disc 1 - Short Experimental Films 1 through 20
1734 / 40/4000 / Abrasions / Angelbubble / Bacchanale / Bagatelle Biologique / Bagatelle in Neon / Birds of Prey / Birth of Eros / Channeled Energies / Dame Darcy - a film portrait / Doris' Garden / Extemporized / Eye Music / Film Poem / Filmpoem for Wanda Phipps / Fogg / For Joe / The Glowing Woman / In the Orbit of Marie Menken

Disc 2 - Short Experimental Films 21 through 40
Invitation to a Voyage / Little Nothings / morning poem #38 / morning poem #40 / morning poem #43 / Morris Engel Time Sculpture / Pillowbook / Poem for the Past / Purple Candle Poem / Reverie / Rip / Silo / Tombeau for Arnold Eagle / Typeoclavecin Film - Variations on the Blues for JoJo #10 / Ubel / Unmeasured Prelude for Kerry Laitala / we came... we filmed... we left... / Weeping Film / Weimar / When He Leaves

Disc 3 - Collaborations and Experimental Documentaries
All Saints Day / Boulder-Brooklyn / Moving Images - the Film-Makers' Cooperative relocates / Loudmouth Collective/Ugly Duckling Presse / Teslamania / Bonus footage: the Film-Makers Coop's move by Brian Frye / "Grand Magic Lantern Exhibition!" documentation by Jeanne Liotta

DVD extras: Filmmaker Interview by Jennifer MacMillan; Footage of the Film-Makers' Coop's move by Brian Frye; Installation Documentation footage by Jeanne Liotta