Apocalypse la 1ere Guerre mondiale / Apocalypse: World War I (2014) 3 x DVD9
Could the sacrifice of an entire generation have been avoided? How did such a cruel and far-reaching conflict occur? How did men and women endure this atrocity for four long years?
Produced using over 500 hours of archival footage, much of it previously unseen, and now completely colorised, Apocalypse World War I takes a strategic and global approach to address these fundamental questions, but also, and most importantly, tells the story with a sensitive, intimate approach on a human level.
The story brings you to the heart of battle, from the trenches in the North of France to the lesser-known fronts of Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and Palestine, as well as to the everyday life of civilians behind the lines.
The narration brings to life the memories and the experiences of these men and women, and helps you better understand and feel how yesterday’s world was driven to apocalypse.

3 x DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 295 minutes | 20.1 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Francais
Subtitles: Francais
Genre: Documentary

Directors: Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle
Country: France, Canada, USA, Belgium

Apocalypse World War 1 consists of 5 parts. It begins in 1914 in the run up to the start of the war and continues into part five peace is closed. At least half of all the images in this unique documentary about 'trench warfare' has never been seen before. All material is fully restored. Moreover, the images with a special technique remastered in color for an optimal experience.


Apocalypse World War I: Fury
1914. Kings rule over the people of Europe. With ultimate power, they lead their nations to war. But in a new era, war threatens to wipe empires off the face of the earth. This is the beginning, of the Apocalypse.

Apocalypse World War I: Fear
The war was to be short and glorious. But fear spreads as Germany marches towards Paris. While the generals refuse to change their tactics, men are being killed on an unprecedented scale. An entire generation could be lost and yet the war goes on.

Apocalypse World War I: Hell

War descends into hell. The battlefield becomes a slaughterhouse. After 16 months of fighting, five million men are dead. Despite this, neither side has gained any ground until a new and terrifying machine rolls onto the battlefield... the Tank.

Apocalypse World War I: Rage
Russia 1917. Tsar Nicholas II is the first Emperor to fall as a result of the war. Will the Russian revolution mean an end to their involvement? A new German offensive could pull the United States into the conflict and fuel the flames of war.

Apocalypse World War I: Deliverance
1917. The world is at war. Nations stand on the brink of extinction as millions of men have been lost. The great empires teeter and begin to fall. The end is near.

Extras (in French):
-- Making of avec interviews, archives inedites (52')
-- Les secrets de l'Ecpad (12')
-- Audiodescription (pour malvoyants)

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